Who We are?

Welcome to LeadWise – Your Premier Partner in Hospitality and Construction Excellence in Canada.

At LeadWise, we stand at the forefront of nimble and innovative management solutions, specializing in both hospitality and construction services. Our unified approach brings decades of experience to the table, ensuring that your ventures thrive in today’s ever-evolving industry.

In the realm of hospitality, LeadWise is dedicated to helping brands navigate uncertainty and operate sustainably. Our team, with a wealth of experience working with properties of all sizes, takes a unique approach to client care. Whether you’re seeking guidance to mitigate risks, prevent closures, or adapt under new leadership, we understand that the stakes are high. LeadWise is here to collaborate with you and help your hotel or restaurant flourish in this dynamic landscape.

On the construction management front, LeadWise builds on the solid foundation laid by it;s founders. Our growth and reputation for delivering quality work and service are a testament to our commitment to excellence. LeadWise’s construction management services are tailored to meet individual client needs. We pride ourselves on efficient and effective project control, ensuring that construction projects and budgets are managed with precision. Our team-oriented approach is dedicated to achieving the ultimate goal of complete client satisfaction.

At LeadWise, we don’t just build spaces; we craft experiences. Our full project management services go beyond construction to encompass every aspect of your venture. From initial planning and design to marketing strategies, our team is dedicated to overseeing the entire project life cycle. We seamlessly integrate management and operations, ensuring a holistic approach that optimizes efficiency and maximizes success.

Whether you’re embarking on a new restaurant venture or seeking comprehensive project management, LeadWise is your partner in turning ideas into thriving realities. Explore the LeadWise Advantage today.

Team LeadWise


LeadWise empowers Canadian businesses in hospitality and construction through innovative solutions, sustainable growth, and client-centric excellence.


LeadWise envisions reshaping industries, becoming the go-to partner known for innovation, integrity, and enduring client success.